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What is a PEO? Why Use Us? For Your Clients Technology Become A Business Partner

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No more chasing Workers’ Comp Claims
No more HR Headaches
No more Upfront 15% (Average) WC Deposits
Increase of Employee Retention by 90%
Increase of Employee Benefits

We will help your client to enhance their cash flow and separate you from your competition; in addition you will be receiving revenue from an untapped new market. All of this is provided at a cheaper cost then your standard workers compensation industry providers can provide.

Over 350,000 small businesses are currently employing a secret weapon that was only available to the largest corporations just a few short years ago. The concept is professional employment... and with a 30% annual industry growth rate, it won't be a secret too much longer. Come on board before your clients slip away.

Most PEO’s and worker comp providers have a specialization or a specific market they target and their services will vary depending on your clients market. To enable you to service all of your clients needs we offer fast comprehensive and cost effective quote typically within 72 hours. Our insurance program will bring advantages to your clients business, for example:


Imagine a business environment for your clients where their time, energy, and resources are refocused on increasing their company's bottom line. As a business owner or manager, they are free from the headaches, confusion, and hassles associated with managing payroll, benefits, unemployment issues, insurance, and workers compensation claims. The client maintains the supervision and control of their employees including wage and scheduling matters, but leave the administrative duties to a PEO.

Most PEO’s are designed for established companies that need relief from benefits and payroll administration, but also need an HR staff to handle high-level employee relation issues. At YourMarketSource.com we focus on the hard to place piece of the puzzle, the worker compensation piece, so that the insurance agent can continue to receive residual income. We have all the other providers in place; should you not want to participate for health and other services, just let us know and we will keep the process simple during a smooth transition. We also provide health benefits, loss and claims management, OSHA and Safety programs and payroll services through an advanced payroll driven system. We save our clients' thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by reducing there overall labor costs and also assuming many employer duties and liabilities.

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