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What is a PEO? Why Use Us? For Your Clients Technology Become A Business Partner

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Partnering for Success
Our programs are for the insurance agencies and independent agents, we do not allow end users to go direct to YourMarketSource.com.

We provide a comprehensive plan with our Profit Center program that outlines the ABC approach to attract new business through the ease of offering workers compensation to industries that typically cannot find markets for coverage.

Meeting the insurance needs for your clients is your business. Helping you to add new profit centers through expanded markets is ours. SERVICE ALL of your client’s worker comp needs, don’t give them the open door to contact one of your competitors who will take your business that you have worked so hard to develop.

We offer insurance agencies a workers' compensation program that features the flexibility, reliability and competitive rates that businesses require.

We offer insurance agencies an opportunity to profit from all of their existing clients in hard to place markets such as the construction industry and others, and also the 1 to 10 employee market. We also partner with agents nationwide who write insurance within specific groups or business classes and a special risk sharing program that is targeted at the 1 million dollar plus premium market.

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